A Surprise Engagement!

Susanna in The Woods
Romance in The Woods

So something thoroughly unexpected but wonderful happened! We got engaged! Sandy proposed. I said yes! After first clarifying that it wasn’t an elaborate joke.

The story goes a little something like this…

Last Sunday I thought we were just going on a hike and photography session, as we often do, but it turned out to be the biggest surprise ever. So big in fact, that when I cottoned on to what might be happening I thought it was a joke. And that’s the first thing that blurted out of my mouth when I turned around to see Sandy on one knee. 

Me “Is this a joke?”

Sandy “No.”

Sandy (still on one knee) “Will you marry me?”

Me “Yes! Of course! A thousand times yes!”

Followed by laugher and tears and lots of “holy friggin cow we are actually getting married.”

How can a girl say no to a guy who builds her an entire fairy tale scene in one of her favourites places? She can’t! 

And who not only designs a ring with all of our birth stones, but has it engraved with acorns and leaves because he knows how much I adore nature and acorns in particular. 

And to top if off, who devises an Indiana Jones type quest as the second part of the proposal because he knows how much I love solving puzzles. I mean, who is his guy? A keeper, that’s who!

So, yeah… this happened. With this guy. Who’s pretty alright!

Susanna and Sandy
Engagement Ring
A Giant Nest and Love Birds
Susanna and Sandy
Susanna and Engagement Ring
Engagement Ring Box
Giant Nest in The Woods

Even though I love the ring and I simply adore how effort Sandy went through to create a perfect, magical spot to propose, I think I am most touched by the fact that he took the time to create my own personal quest. I really do feel like Indiana Jones (one of my favourite film character of all time), trying to solve riddles and puzzles so the I can uncover a great treasure. There are no poisonous arrows to avoid (that I’m aware of) or giant boulders to outrun, but it feels just as thrilling!

Not a lengthy blog by any means, but I though I’d share it here as it’s such a fun occasion and I’m sure many of you will appreciate the effort that has gone in to proposals of your own.

Love and light!

Susanna xo

Ring and Quest