About me

A self confessed foodie who loves nothing better than cooking food, writing about food and sharing food!

I also love books, and more often than not, you will find me with my nose stuck between the pages of a novel, if not in a bowl of batter and always with a pot of tea within arms reach. I also love picnics, because food eaten outdoors always tastes so much better, and I love rainy days when grey skies herald the promise of a storm to come. I love being and making my home cosy, so candles and blankets are always close at hand, as are knitting needles and balls of yarn. And always there are wooden spoons, paint brushes, paints, paper and fabric dotted about the place as I go from one creative endeavour to the next. 

This blog provides a peek into my life as I try to balance cooking, creativity and motherhood (with a three year old daughter who has so much energy she could power an entire city if only we could harness it), as I wade my way through establishing routines and create and experiment with new plant based recipes, as I try to “keep calm and carry on” when life throws me a curve ball (hopefully with a good dose of panache), but mostly this blog is about sharing my passion for good food, the power of a few well strung words and the fulfilment of family, creativity and adventures in the wild.

In a nutshell, this in my journal, where I document my recipes, random moments I love, with the people I love, doing the things I love.



Hi! I'm Susanna, a serious foodie.

Amongst other things.