Picnics, Gratitude and Quinoa Salad

I am grateful for many things in life, but one of the things I am most grateful for is having sisters. And I don’t just mean sisters by blood or marriage, but sisters by choice, a tribe of women who you know you can count on, who encourage you and want the best for you, and who stick around through the hard times, not just the good. And who love you, just as you are, as you love them. This is something quite special.

Girls having a picnic
Candles and Food

I spent last Friday with two women who make me smile on the inside, even when I don’t feel particularly sunny. They challenge me and make me want to be better, and do better. But best of all, they make me feel loved and accept all the craziness that is me. You can’t ask for much better than that. So in celebration of sisterhood, the end of summer and reflecting on and counting our blessings over the past year, we had an evening picnic.

Quinoa Salad
Hand and Plate
Picnic Food

We shared and laughed, ate and drank, and simply enjoyed each other's company and energy, in the way only women can, when they come together for the sheer pleasure of the company of other women. It was a truly lovely evening, and even the stars seemed to shine a little bit brighter, as we could clearly see them in the night sky, twinkling like festive jewels.


We sat in a little spot in the garden surrounded by bunting and fairy lights, blankets and food. Oh so much food! We had quinoa salad with sweet potato and avocado, mapled carrots, and a simple bruschetta on delicious sourdough. Of course, we ended the night with steaming hot chai to warm our hands and bellies. 


We tried reading our tea leaves, but I don’t think it’s quite the same trying to decipher the dregs from an empty cup of chai. No one had anything resembling The Grim, so that, at least, was good. Although I must admit, ever since reading Professor Trelawny’s omen to Harry in The Prisoner of Azkaban, I’ve always hoped to find The Grim in my tea cup. I wouldn’t mind having Sirius Black darken my doorway. I rather like him. But I digress. 

Bunting and Fairy Lights
Tea Cups and Candles
Bunting and Fairy Lights

Sisterhood and all that is summery was celebrated and treasured by all. I highly recommend getting together with the folks you love best, and having an evening picnic while gazing at the stars and being thankful for all that you have. Because most of us have more than we need, and sometimes it is easy to forget. Times like this remind you. And for that, and the women I got to spend last Friday with, I am grateful and know that I’m blessed indeed.

Love and light,

Susanna xo