Rosemary Scones For a Sunset Picnic

Scones are cute. And when they are scented with fresh rosemary from the garden, they are transformed in to little morsels a fairy might eat. I love this kind of food, for its playfulness and practicality when packing for a picnic. A few days ago Sandy and I took some time out to go on a sunset picnic. Life has been one crazy busy ride lately and even though we live together, sometimes it seems almost impossible to spend quality time together, to soak each other up and enjoy each other’s company without the distractions that are inevitable in daily life. Especially when that daily life is filled with an exuberant infant. So moments like this are treasured.

Picnic in the hills
Picnic Basket

We are lucky that we live in a place that is surrounded by more than a few good picnic spots. This time, we chose a place close to both our hearts with a view that you could easily stare at for hours. And that’s pretty much exactly what we did, so it’s a good thing we had food and big thermos of tea to keep ourselves sustained.

A picnic
Susanna in the woods

It felt like we were the only people in the world and I relished every second, especially because I knew Sandy would leave in a few days time. Oh! That dreaded date! But sitting there together, it’s like we had fallen under a spell. We hardly said a word, but we didn’t have to. We enjoyed the food and the view and every now and then, one of us would make a comment, or our eyes would meet, and we would both just smile - the sort of knowing smile that conveys everything amorous you’d ever want to say. But you recognise it in the other person and it’s all you need. Sometimes words are not needed, and this was one of those magical moments.

Rosemary Scones

It was entirely restorative being nestled among large old trees in the dying light of an early autumn evening. I almost felt a bit guilty sitting there with nothing to do but eat and enjoy. Usually I’m eating to create, test, or retest a recipe, but this was eating for the very simple pleasure of eating. A tried and tested recipe from so long ago I can’t even remember, which was enjoyed right down to the last morsel. Between a bite here and a nibble there, with a head full of hazy thoughts, I suddenly realised how much I needed this little escape of ours to just be a couple.

Picnic and trees

Please don’t misunderstand me, I absolutely adore being a mother, but every now and then, it’s nice to be free from all that comes with parenting, if even for an evening. As I already mentioned, it was restorative - like a mini break only not as long. I suppose this would be extra mini, but exactly what the doctor ordered. So, if like me, you’ve been doing and rushing and organising and you can’t remember where you’ve left your toothbrush, take a little time out with a person you love. It doesn’t matter who is it. Pack a picnic, walk out the door and spend a few hours outside, soaking up the fresh air, and if you’re lucky, a very good view.

Sunset Picnic

But if you simply can’t get away from life at the moment, I hope these scones bring a little respite. If you have the time to bake them, that is.

Love and light!

Susanna xo