Sunday Waffles, Day Dreams and Baking

Waffles are one of those things that just make me supremely happy. I think it’s a combination of their cuteness and the fact I seldom make them. I don’t know why they are such a rare treat in our house when they’re so easy to make, not to mention, so delicious to eat. I like them because they remind me of lazy Sundays, the beach, New York and big, breezy houses in The Hamptons, which features some of the most expensive and luxurious residential properties in The States. I’m not sure why waffles remind me of these things, and The Hamptons in particular. Waffles themselves are pretty inexpensive to make and nothing compared to the cost of dishing up for a sweet pile on Long Island. But I suppose buying a few punnets of organic berries can sometimes induce the same feeling as if you were buying a ridiculously expensive property. A kings ransom indeed!

Sunday Waffles
Sunday Waffles

Also, It probably has something to do with the fact that Americans love waffles and are so often featured on TV shows and movies hailing from The Big Apple. But I’m getting sidetracked! Waffles.The lovely, crispy, golden waffle. Who doesn’t love a waffle? Not anyone I know, and if I did ever meet someone who didn’t like waffles, I’m sure we could never be friends, for it would indicate too much difference in character, not to mention tastebuds. Bruch dates would never work, obviously.

Fortunately, there was no waffle hating on Sunday, so they were all eaten and enjoyed with gusto. We served them with fresh berries, shaved coconut and chocolate sauce. Need I say more?! Probably not, but I will anyway. They were so good! Probably some of the best waffles I’ve made to date. Each time I make a batch the recipe changes slightly. This was the first time I have made a vegan friendly version, and to be honest, you wouldn’t even know. They were crispy on the outside with just the right amount of softness in the middle. Yum and yum!

Sunday Waffles

There is something about freshly made waffles and a pot of coffee that instantly makes you feel relaxed and a bit of a modern day Daisy Buchanan, sans all the drama and anxiety of course. One bite and I could be reclining on a big wicker chair on the biggest wrap around verandah you’ve ever seen, basking in the soft morning sunlight of a perfect Long Island day, calm in the knowledge that I’ve nothing at all I have to do. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? My morning wasn’t quite so serene, and my day had plenty of doing in it, but the waffles gave me an energy filled start.

Sunday Waffles

And I can tell you, I needed all the energy I could get. My lovely sister in law Anja and I spent the day creating raw treat samples for a client, and by the end of it we were both exhausted. But it was a happy exhausted. The kind you feel when you’ve achieved a great deal, spent it in good company and had fun along the way. They waffles kept us going well into the afternoon, and even thought we didn’t quite get the change to channel our favourite Fitzgerald characters in quite the way we might have wanted to, we did get to play around in the kitchen all day, drink tea, taste test delectable recipes and watch a foodie flick or two. 


So, if you’ve got a Sunday coming up that requires endless energy or none at all, make a batch of waffles because, quite frankly, they suit any occasion.

Love and light!

Susanna xo