Apple Crumble Porridge

Apple Crumble Porridge

Every now and then, when I have the time and the inclination, I will make this. It’s healthy yet still feels decadent and it always reminds me of my pappa (grandfather).

Serves 2


what you need

For the porridge:

1 cup of oats

2 cups oat milk

1/4 cup coconut cream

1 teaspoon sea salt

1 apple, shredded

Warm milk and maple syrup to serve


For the crumble:

1/4 cup of flour

1/4 cup of brown sugar

1/4 cup of almonds

1/4 cup of hazelnuts

1/4 cup of coconut

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon nutmeg

30 g melted coconut oil

What to do

Pre heat oven to 180C.

To make the crumble, mix all the ingredients together and spread out on a sheet of baking paper. Bake for 15 minutes, or until slight browed. Remove from oven and allow to cool.

To make the porridge, place all ingredients in a saucepan and cook as you would normally to make porridge. 

To serve, mix a bit of maple syrup with some warm milk, pour over the porridge and sprinkle with the crumble mixture.